Codes of “PractiMilonguero”:

Welcome to “PractiMilonguero,” a place where you obtain the information and experience necessary to prepare to go to the traditional milongas in Buenos Aires.

Here we exclusively dance milonguero style tango. We learn to respect the codes of milongas, such as:

– We dance with a warm, respectful and close embrace.
– We follow the line of dance in a counter-clockwise direction.
– We try not to step backwards.
– We do not lift our feet too high from the floor so that we avoid hitting other dancers.
– We invite women to dance through the classic “Cabeceo del caballero” (man’s eye contact).
– We respect the rest of dancers present to enjoy the social dance.

Please note that if you don’t respect these codes you may not be able to dance in PractiMilonguero.

Thank you very much and enjoy the dance!

(Endorsed by Norma and Héctor of “Cachirulo”)