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Social Tango Classes @ PractiMilonguero

PractiMilonguero is giving Social Tango classes. We have included dancing in our teaching of the codes and etiquette of traditional milongas.

For instance:
Have you or did you have some doubts about the codes of the milongas, like the “cabeceo”?
For a man: When two women got up at the same time to dance with you?
For a woman: When you got up thinking that you were invited but the invitation was for your “neighbor”?
Then come to discover some tricks and to practice the cabeceo.

Everything you need to know to dance well and enjoy yourself at the milongas. EVERYTHING! Don’t miss out!

Every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:00 PM at El Beso, Riobamba 416, Buenos Aires.

Un abrazo milonguero,

Organized by:
Mónica Paz – / 15 5706 1241 /

PractiMilonguero presents Osvaldo Natucci Part 1

PractiMilonguero @ El Beso

Interview with Ricardo Maceiras “El Pibe Sarandí” at PractiMilonguero, August 9, 2011.

PractiMilonguero presents Walter Domínguez

Interview with Walter Domínguez at PractiMilonguero, July 26, 2011.

What is PractiMilonguero about?

PractiMilonguero is about Promulgate the Culture of Tango. What is more than dancing.

PractiMilonguero presents Alberto Dassieu

Interview with Alberto Dassieu at PractiMilonguero, July 12, 2011.

PractiMilonguero presents Osvaldo Centeno “El Oso”

Interview with Osvaldo Centeno “El Oso” at PractiMilonguero, April 26, 2011.
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PractiMilonguero presents Amanda Lucero

Interview with Amanda Lucero at PractiMilonguero, April 5, 2011.
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